The best way for us to know if we might work well together is to meet and see what it’s like. Research continuously shows that it is the “fit” between client and therapist that promotes the best therapeutic outcome.

New Patients: Getting Started Guide

Getting started at a new practice can be a daunting experience. Here's a simple step-by-step guide with all the info needed for new patients.


Telephone Consultation


We can begin by scheduling a brief telephone consultation. This gives me a chance to learn a bit about your situation, and gives you a chance to learn a bit about how I listen and think as a therapist. Then, if you wish, we can schedule a first session and further explore the possibility of working together.

I offer an initial telephone consultation at no cost.


Scheduling Your Sessions


Once we decide to work together, we'll find a day and time that will be reserved as your session time. Usually, but not always, we meet a minimum of once a week for 45-60 minutes. I may recommend we meet more frequently, depending upon your mental health needs.


Fee Information


My fees for a 45 minute session are $225 (procedure code 90834 or 90847). Usually, the first session is a 60 minute assessment and evaluation - this fee is $300.  Often, and especially when conducting EMDR sessions, I advise 60 minute sessions (procedure code 90837).  

I can accept payment in the form of a debit or credit card, a written check, or cash.  (For credit or debit card processing, a 3% bank fee charge will be assessed.)

Insurance Information


Like many therapists in private practice, I have chosen to work primarily with private pay clients. Many of my clients do obtain reimbursement for out-of-network psychotherapy. Each month I provide a statement, which can be submitted to your insurance carrier. It is important to check with your carrier to determine your benefits for out-of-network providers. Please note that I am not an in-network provider for any insurance plan. (If you are seeking a therapist under your plan’s provisions, please utilize the list they provide you.) Other options include utilizing a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account. I accept credit, debit card payment, check or cash only for payment.

Most PPO plans have an “out of network” option, and depending on your diagnosis, your reimbursement may vary.  I provide a comprehensive statement for you to submit to your insurance.  Please feel free to talk with me about your insurance, and what might be possible, as I feel it’s important to advocate for your mental health benefits. 


Read & Complete Office Forms


Before we meet

Please review and sign the office policies and forms at least two days prior to your appointment time. These explain my office procedures, and offer an agreement for psychotherapy services. For your convenience, they can be completed and signed online. Please either complete online or fax, scan or take a picture and email the required forms (*) to I also ask that you complete the Credit Card Authorization form to hold your appointment time. Please read my cancellation policy carefully.  

1. Office Policies & Procedures

2. Patient Data Sheet *


3. Notice of Privacy Practice form (HIPAA)

4. Social Media Policy

5. Acknowledgement form*


6. Credit Card Authorization


** I ask for the the Credit Card Authorization form to hold your appointment time. For your security,  the Credit Card Authorization is not filled out online. Please either fax, scan or take a smartphone picture, and email the completed form to me at least two days prior to your appointment time. My email address is