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I'm Dr. Kathy Allard, experienced licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Kathy Allard, Licensed Psychologist

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years



Dr. Kathy Allard, Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Kathy Allard, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Kathy Allard, Certified EMDR Practitioner

Certified EMDR Practitioner


"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

— Carl Jung

For over 30 years, I have been successful in providing psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals, couples and families that address a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression and relationship problems.

You’re probably here because you’re seeking help on the path to improving your life.  Perhaps you’re struggling in your relationships, experiencing stress at work or home, struggling with an addiction, or feeling depressed and anxious without quite knowing why.  In my experience, life circumstances can either push or invite us to grow and change in ways that require intentional effort.  With that effort, we may benefit from certain kinds of help, with psychotherapy being on that list.  Whatever your goal, we can achieve it by working closely together.

I also know that change often comes with resistance and growing pains.  The process of seeking help can bring with it doubts and misgivings.  It is my priority to establish a supportive, understanding, respectful and interactive relationship within which we can collaboratively address your issues—both seen and unforeseen—for which you are seeking help.

The majority of my patients live on the Peninsula in San Mateo County, although I am expanding my office in Sonoma, CA, to include the communities of Napa, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Santa Rosa, Novato, & Petaluma. My Sonoma office is conveniently located near the Plaza on Napa Street (Hiway 12).